Professional Faux Finishes vs DIY - Kansas City Residential and Commercial Painting

If you Google the phrase “professional faux finish techniques” there are over 574,000 results. That’s more than a half million pages of articles, blogs, and videos all providing you with information about professional faux finishes. But, does reading those articles or watching those videos make you a professional? If you invest a weekend reading and watching, will your hard work result in a professional faux finish application in your home? The answer, more than a half million times over, is no.

Professional faux finishes, and the techniques employed to properly apply them, are as varied as the information available about them on the Internet. But the fact is, the only way to produce professional quality results is through using an experienced professional. That’s why hiring a residential painting contractor to help you select the type of interior faux finish that is best suited for your home and your lifestyle is critical. They not only know of a half million ways to achieve a professional faux finish, they know which one is right for you.

Whether you are interested in leaves, crackles, stones, sweeps, plasters or color washes, each style has a multitude of faux finish options. From the color, gradient, and intensity or subtly of the finish to the professional faux finishes durability and cost, a professional painting contractor has the knowledge and the tools to successfully transform your vision into a masterpiece in your home.