Parkville Custom Deck Finish - Kansas City Residential and Commercial Painting


The Majors wanted a deck that was unique but functional.  A deck that would stay maintenance friendly but wanted the beautiful cedar to shine through.  Also, they were up for a unique/modern finish to their deck that was designed to accompany many family gatherings as well as parties.

This project took a little extra care in designing the coatings because their deck faces due south.  With the  mid-western sun being so relentless the deck would receive the harsh UV sunlight all year long along with all four seasons of temperature changes.

Solution: We chose an elastomeric deck stain for all decking and posts for the durability and maintenance free aspects of the product.   An elastomeric deck coating is designed to “stretch” with the wild temperature swings as well as retain it’s color and sheen for lasting beauty.

The handrails were finished with a natural toner, like a honey finish.  This was the compromise, the beauty of the wood still shines and the deck as a whole remains friendly for many parties and entertaining.