Leawood Interior Cabinet Glaze - Kansas City Residential and Commercial Painting


This project was fun!  An existing house with extensive renovations.  The kitchen is almost always a good start for making a house look and feel new.
The existing cabinets where painted a solid dark crimson that went well decades ago.  The general contractor, Creative Restorations led by Tony Pagel, hired us to paint this custom cabinet glaze.
As you can see in the before pictures, the cabinets needed better amenities as well as some better lighting.  A custom light bar at the top was crafted and installed as well as a more modern hood and granite counter tops.
The cabinet changes required and mixture of new and old cabinetry.  In order to make everything uniform and fit, we had to use bonding primers and and a pigmented shellac to kill all colors as well as create and smooth uniform surface.  Once the primer was sanded smooth an oil-based semi-gloss enamel was applied using a spraying method.  This gives the homeowner a more durable and lasting finish that will have a brilliant natural patina as the cabinets age.
The Antique glaze was then applied only in crevices and cornices in order to achieve that old world look.
The project included many other painting including walls trim and ceilings and had a duration over a little over two weeks.

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