Historic Home Ceiling Restoration/Technical Coating, Liberty, MO - Kansas City Residential and Commercial Painting

Water damage is never friendly when it ends up where it doesn’t belong.  On these ceilings it was a problem under the paint by way of a leaking roof as well as the steam from hot showers on the outside of the coating.  In both cases it wreaked havoc on the existing paint, causing peeling paint and drywall joint failure.

For the repair, it is standard procedure to check for any mildew or fungus before proceeding with the repair.   In this case none was found so we scraped all loose finishes and drywall compounds and then applied new drywall compound to create an even flat surface.  The texture was then applied with a standard hopper and a uniform coating of latex primer.

In order to prevent paint peal in the future from being in the damp environment, we used a two-part epoxy paint.  This type of coating creates a vapor barrier from daily hot showers and prevents moisture from entering into the ceiling.  Also, the higher gloss from the epoxy paint finish gave the ceilings a very nice period correct appearance of oil-based semi-gloss paint.

These technical coatings are also chemically resistant and allows the home owner maintenance free easily cleaned ceilings.  That makes hot showers in these bathrooms maintenance free but also very…DISTINCTIVE.