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Painting the exterior of your home one of the most cost-effective remodeling jobs you can do, as long as you choose a painting contractor that specializes in distinctive quality painting. When deciding on a time to paint the house, be sure to choose carefully.  This is how we suggest determining the best time of year to paint the exterior of your house.

Wait for Warm Weather

As experienced painting contractors in Kansas City know all too well, consistently warm weather doesn’t usually hit the area until June. Late April and May might offer a bit of the warmer weather, but nights bring freezing temperatures, and as any midwesterner knows, we can usually expect at least one more late winter blast before summer arrives. Since most exterior paint requires an ambient temperature of about 50 degrees, painting contractors risk poor paint application if they paint during the spring. Holding off until summer temperatures have truly arrived in late June, July, August, or early September will produce the best exterior painting results.

Avoid the Rain

Though it may seem like rain and snow can appear at any time in KC, the highest rainfall tends to arrive in spring. Waiting until dry weather arrives before starting an exterior paint job gives your home’s siding a chance to dry out after winter snow and spring rain. Waterlogged siding can compromise paint’s ability to dry properly, but an experienced painting contractor can determine when your siding’s moisture has reached a workable level. Contractors should also know when wet weather is on the horizon and can avoid it as necessary.

Find the Ideal Conditions

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Summer tends to be the ideal time for painting, since it’s typically dry and warm. We know summer may not always be the best time for every homeowner… schedules and budgets are also important factors to consider, so some may opt to paint in early spring or into the late fall. Be aware that some contractors might be willing to stretch the painting season as long as possible, but quality painting contractors know that it’s important to paint at a time when weather conditions are consistent and temperatures don’t vary significantly overnight or from day to day even when painting outside of the ideal time of the year.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

A typical exterior house painting job should last for at least five years, but true quality painting can last for 15 years. The most trusted painting contractors in Kansas City don’t skimp on quality. Instead, they take the necessary time to get the job done right. This means taking additional time up front to scrape, sand, and prime your home’s exterior prior to painting. They also know the difference between latex, oil, and acrylic exterior paints and can help you choose the right type and color to make your home’s exterior shine for years to come. Painting your home’s exterior requires experience, skill, and dedication, so be sure to call an experienced painting contractor to do a quality job the first time. Get a free in-home exterior painting estimate and start planning your home’s new look today.

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