Selecting A Kansas City Commercial Painter - Kansas City Residential and Commercial Painting
Tips for Selecting a Professional to Paint Your Business or Commercial Property
Your business or commercial property is central to your livelihood, and any investment in it, whether repainting the exterior or interior, is a big commitment. There are a few factors to consider with selecting a professional to paint your commercial property:
Work Closely with the Contractor to Establish the Scope of the Work
Are you repainting the exterior of your commercial property, or are you giving your interior business surfaces a facelift as well? A true professional painting contractor will carefully assess the condition of the exterior surfaces of your home, including interior and exterior trim and windows, to determine if any repairs are necessary before the painting begins. Do the repair and preparation methods used by the contractor correlate to the age of the structure?  Do they follow historic preservation guidelines?  Or complement modern building aesthetics?
Establish and Review a Detailed Timeline
A work crew repainting your business or commercial property can impact your business. Ask if your customers or staff will be impacted by equipment needed by the painting contractor, or the fumes from the paint. Is this something the contractor will help you alleviate? How much parking will they need to use? What areas of your commercial property will be inaccessible? Ask how long the preparation and painting will take, from start to finish. Will each of those days be active work days, or will some “off” days be allowed for the materials and paint to cure or dry? Ask about the size and experience of the crew. Has the painter worked with this crew regularly? How many workers will be at your property at one time?
Compare Costs and Review References
When choosing a professional commercial painter, you should compare several written estimates. The costs associated with repainting your property should include a breakdown of labor and material costs. Comparing multiple estimates will allow you to evaluate the value of the work your commercial painter or contractor is providing. You should also obtain a list of several references and call or visit those business owners to rate their satisfaction with the work completed for them.
Ask for Insurance, Licenses and Contracts
A professional commercial painter should be willing to provide you with copies of their business licenses and insurance. When selecting a commercial painter, there should also be a written contract and guarantee in place.