Tips From Professional Kansas City Painters

Resealing vs Replacing Masonite Siding

Hardboard siding, sometimes known as Masonite siding, is a particular type of hardboard exterior siding composed of compressed wood fibers, waxes, resins, and wood chips. If properly manufactured, installed and maintained, hardboard siding is an attractive and cost...

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Professional Faux Finishes vs DIY

If you Google the phrase “professional faux finish techniques” there are over 574,000 results. That’s more than a half million pages of articles, blogs, and videos all providing you with information about professional faux finishes. But, does reading those articles or...

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Why you should hire a professional Kansas City Painter

The Top Three Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Painting Contractor 1. Professional Painters Save You Time You’re busy. You work, manage a hectic family or social calendar, and you have endless daily chores and responsibilities to tend to. When you embark on a...

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Selecting A Kansas City Commercial Painter

Tips for Selecting a Professional to Paint Your Business or Commercial Property Your business or commercial property is central to your livelihood, and any investment in it, whether repainting the exterior or interior, is a big commitment. There are a few factors to...

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Tips for Selecting a Professional to Paint Your Home

Repainting the exterior of your home is a huge task, one that many people elect to hire a professional or contractor to handle. Because painting your home is a big financial investment, with long-lasting results, there are a few factors to consider when selecting a...

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