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Rock and Run Brewery in Liberty, MO took over two spaces that had previously been used for storage and an office.  One side featured untreated plaster over brick while the other side had been painted on top of the plaster.  While the owners loved the look of plaster over brick, they were less enthused about the plaster falling into their guests’ food and beer.  They had tried unsuccessfully to seal the walls before they called Distinctive Quality Painting.  I was able to use a commercial sealant to maintain the look they wanted and added a faux finish to the other side of the space to unify both sides of the room into a cohesive theme.

Once finished with this project, they asked for his help on the brewery’s bar top and tables.  The wood used for this project was reclaimed from a bowling alley in Iowa.  While they had originally intended to use an epoxy to seal the wood, I noticed a potential problem.  Epoxy alone would not create the temperature and water vapor seal they needed to protect the wood for the life of the bar.  By using a conversion varnish I was able to provide them all of the benefits of varnish, but also give them the temperature resistance and vapor seal they needed.  The conversion varnish and labor ended up costing 1/3rd the price of the epoxy alone.