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Big Rip Brewing

Commercial Painting – North Kansas City, MO

There are times that I take on projects that make my staff think I might be crazy.  This was the project that convinced them.  Big Rip Brewing is a micro-brewery in North Kansas City, MO.  I was contacted to submit a bid on this project and we agreed to look at it on a Sunday afternoon.  The project seemed pretty straightforward until the owner through a curve ball at me.  The entire project needed to be completed in just six days to be ready for the annual Snake Saturday parade in North Kansas City.  The owner knew that being on the parade route would provide a great deal of exposure and wanted his building to look great.  In just six days we prepared the building for painting and added two coats of red paint.  In addition, the flat black paint that was used to replicate cast iron is not generally recommended for exterior use.   In order to achieve the look the client wanted, the paint had to be applied rapidly and in very specific pattern.  On the day of the parade, the project was finished and the crew was able to show off their work to friends and family before enjoying the parade.