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The Big Red Barn

Residential Painting – Liberty, MO

The idea of a red barn is an iconic image when we think of a simpler time in America’s past—unless you are a painter.  The reason you see so few red barns remaining is that red paint fades the fastest of any color from the UV rays of the sun.  The owner of this property still chose to recreate the great American rural icon with his new barn.  The process began with a custom paint color that was selected in consultation with the owner.  Then we moved forward with a lifetime guarantee on the paint.  The particular type of paint we selected guaranteed 25 years without any discoloration occurring.  The design of the barn itself created another unique challenge that scared away many other painting contractors.  The metal roof portion that lay right below the top part of the barn was slick and also required extra caution to prevent any dents that would harm the appearance.  Upon completion we were all impressed with the results and our part in preserving a bit of Americana in the Kansas City area.