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Edward Jones Investments

Commercial Painting – Liberty, MO

The Edward Jones Investments building on the Historic Square in Liberty, MO created a series of unique challenges.  The building was part of the original town square in Liberty and was well over 100 years old.  Maintaining the historic façade while extending its life required a very gentle stucco restoration effort.  This was made considerably more difficult by being located in a high-traffic commercial area which prevented the use of hydraulic lifts on the sidewalk or ladders that extended into the street.  The building had not seen a fresh coat of paint in over 30 years for this reason.  We were able to remove the awnings from the previous business and replace them with new hardware that should extend their life significantly.  Once the exterior was completed, we were asked to spruce up the interior as well.  As you can see from the pictures, we were able to complete this work while allowing the business to complete normal operations.