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Distinctive Quality Painting is Kansas City’s top residential painting contractor. Fred Occhipinto has more than 20 years of hands on experience as a residential painter and contractor. He has carefully selected his crew and personally trained them to provide a custom, professional painting job with an unparalleled level of personalized service and a quality that exceeds his customer’s expectations.


Fred and his team of local professional painters understand that painting your home is a big financial investment. Distinctive Quality Painting works closely with each of their customers to develop a customized and accurate estimate, and they put it in writing.


Distinctive Quality Painting is proud of the quality residential paint work they do. They can share a list of satisfied customers who are available as references. You will find that homeowners who’ve hired Fred are extremely satisfied with the process, the price, and the work itself.


Recent Projects


Smithville Residential Repaint – Exterior Painting

There are several types of surfaces to paint on the outside of a home.  From metal garage doors, to hardwood siding, to man-made siding that has very long life with proper care.  We always use the very best products with proven track records.  When you take into account the paint makers specifications, the exterior paint should last as long as the warranty states.  Lifetime paints however, may be a stretch, however we use several methods to prepare the exterior surfaces, build the correct film thickness of the paint, and make sure the midwest climate isn’t going to allow a premature failure of the coating. We receive a lot of referrals from neighborhoods that we paint in.   Our houses look well-painted.  When we are done the windows are clean, the landscaping is in tact, and the grass isn’t partially painted from spills and over-spray from spray processes.   Give us a call today, or send us a text with your contact information.  Someone will be right with you.   D.Q. Painting (816)... read more

Historic Home Ceiling Restoration/Technical Coating, Liberty, MO

Water damage is never friendly when it ends up where it doesn’t belong.  On these ceilings it was a problem under the paint by way of a leaking roof as well as the steam from hot showers on the outside of the coating.  In both cases it wreaked havoc on the existing paint, causing peeling paint and drywall joint failure. For the repair, it is standard procedure to check for any mildew or fungus before proceeding with the repair.   In this case none was found so we scraped all loose finishes and drywall compounds and then applied new drywall compound to create an even flat surface.  The texture was then applied with a standard hopper and a uniform coating of latex primer. In order to prevent paint peal in the future from being in the damp environment, we used a two-part epoxy paint.  This type of coating creates a vapor barrier from daily hot showers and prevents moisture from entering into the ceiling.  Also, the higher gloss from the epoxy paint finish gave the ceilings a very nice period correct appearance of oil-based semi-gloss paint. These technical coatings are also chemically resistant and allows the home owner maintenance free easily cleaned ceilings.  That makes hot showers in these bathrooms maintenance free but also very…DISTINCTIVE.   BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER BEFORE... read more

Parkville Custom Deck Finish

  The Majors wanted a deck that was unique but functional.  A deck that would stay maintenance friendly but wanted the beautiful cedar to shine through.  Also, they were up for a unique/modern finish to their deck that was designed to accompany many family gatherings as well as parties. This project took a little extra care in designing the coatings because their deck faces due south.  With the  mid-western sun being so relentless the deck would receive the harsh UV sunlight all year long along with all four seasons of temperature changes. Solution: We chose an elastomeric deck stain for all decking and posts for the durability and maintenance free aspects of the product.   An elastomeric deck coating is designed to “stretch” with the wild temperature swings as well as retain it’s color and sheen for lasting beauty. The handrails were finished with a natural toner, like a honey finish.  This was the compromise, the beauty of the wood still shines and the deck as a whole remains friendly for many parties and entertaining.                                                                ... read more

Gladstone Cabinet Refinish

This set of cabinets were just 5 years old before they showed lots of where around the edges of the doors and the shelving.  This wear is typical in a bathroom that has a shower and is a result of water penetration from the steam of the daily shower(s). A very good solution to this problem is to re-apply or “re-shoot” the lacquer or varnish with a vinyl sealer and hardened lacquer, aka varnish. Today’s sealers and lacquers have come a long way in the way they perform in moist environments.  They also resist “yellowing” for long periods of time.  This characteristic makes the finish stay “clear” or transparent for decades. The result from this project is a longer life for the cabinets as well as the finish.  The finish is also hardened.  Making these cabinets vary durable to everyday use. Give us a call or email if your cabinet finish is losing its luster…(816) 935-3000.... read more

Liberty, MO – Residential Painting

The Big Red Barn Residential Painting – Liberty, MO The idea of a red barn is an iconic image when we think of a simpler time in America’s past—unless you are a painter.  The reason you see so few red barns remaining is that red paint fades the fastest of any color from the UV rays of the sun.  The owner of this property still chose to recreate the great American rural icon with his new barn.  The process began with a custom paint color that was selected in consultation with the owner.  Then we moved forward with a lifetime guarantee on the paint.  The particular type of paint we selected guaranteed 25 years without any discoloration occurring.  The design of the barn itself created another unique challenge that scared away many other painting contractors.  The metal roof portion that lay right below the top part of the barn was slick and also required extra caution to prevent any dents that would harm the appearance.  Upon completion we were all impressed with the results and our part in preserving a bit of Americana in the Kansas City... read more