Recent Kansas City Painting Projects

Commercial Painting Merriam- Baron BMW

We had a great opportunity to be able to paint Baron BMW in Merriam, KS. We painted inside and out while the business was open and running. The aluminum panels on the outside were highly technical because paint would not stick. We had to experiment with 8 different products before finding one that would adhere to the aluminum. Everything was masked off in sections while they serviced an repaired vehicles, while we painted the building at the same... read more

Level Office – Midtown Multi-Tenant Development

New ideas are what makes new movements.  Level Office is not short of making new waves in the entrepreneur industry in providing low cost offices for small businesses, and large alike. This 8 story building is a modern design that wasn’t lacking challenges in that the ceilings were all Sherwin Williams Black Fox SW 7020 and the walls a Pure White SW 7005.   The burnt orange doors were also a project in itself.   Orange and pastels are one our specialties in painting. Drop us a line if  your office needs a new look or just needs to be touched up.... read more

Brighton Crossing Multi-Family Luxury Apartments – Kansas City

We specialize in multi-family new construction.  Most of these projects last over a year and have very demanding production schedules.   One of our greatest attributes is that our crews know how to keep ahead of the project schedule and forecast man power in advance.   We will be starting several multi-family projects this year and continue to grow as an industry leader in production... read more

Primrose School of Blue Valley – Commercial Painting Overland Park, Kansas

  We had the great opportunity in painting the Primrose School in Blue Valley.  The finishes are a very particular design that matches one of the most premier early education private schools in the area. The trim package included oil-based paint that yields a much more elegant detail and smoother finish than many of the acrylic/latex finishes.    The oil-based finish can also cure to a harder finish, making it more durable but also is maintenance friendly because touch-ups and damage repair can be simple and non-technical. The design included a wallpaper border to make the distinguished paint finishes more child friendly and... read more

Smithville Residential Repaint – Exterior Painting

There are several types of surfaces to paint on the outside of a home.  From metal garage doors, to hardwood siding, to man-made siding that has very long life with proper care.  We always use the very best products with proven track records.  When you take into account the paint makers specifications, the exterior paint should last as long as the warranty states.  Lifetime paints however, may be a stretch, however we use several methods to prepare the exterior surfaces, build the correct film thickness of the paint, and make sure the midwest climate isn’t going to allow a premature failure of the coating. We receive a lot of referrals from neighborhoods that we paint in.   Our houses look well-painted.  When we are done the windows are clean, the landscaping is in tact, and the grass isn’t partially painted from spills and over-spray from spray processes.   Give us a call today, or send us a text with your contact information.  Someone will be right with you.   D.Q. Painting (816)... read more

Steeplechase Multi-Family Luxury Apartments, Kansas City, Missouri

  We were lucky enough to work with Bach homes, LLC to prepare and paint the luxurious Steeplechase Apartments located in northern Kansas City. It was a pleasure to work with several project managers and superintendents that had the same mind-set at hand – high production.  We started on the first of ten four-story apartment buildings in April 2015 and finished in May of 2016.  This record-breaking production team stayed on point and had a solution for every delay that stood in our way. The project consists of 365 units in total not including two amenity laden clubhouses with pools and meeting areas that were finished with a level of detail that is usually reserved for a custom home. Check out the property in full detail at: read more

Historic Home Ceiling Restoration/Technical Coating, Liberty, MO

Water damage is never friendly when it ends up where it doesn’t belong.  On these ceilings it was a problem under the paint by way of a leaking roof as well as the steam from hot showers on the outside of the coating.  In both cases it wreaked havoc on the existing paint, causing peeling paint and drywall joint failure. For the repair, it is standard procedure to check for any mildew or fungus before proceeding with the repair.   In this case none was found so we scraped all loose finishes and drywall compounds and then applied new drywall compound to create an even flat surface.  The texture was then applied with a standard hopper and a uniform coating of latex primer. In order to prevent paint peal in the future from being in the damp environment, we used a two-part epoxy paint.  This type of coating creates a vapor barrier from daily hot showers and prevents moisture from entering into the ceiling.  Also, the higher gloss from the epoxy paint finish gave the ceilings a very nice period correct appearance of oil-based semi-gloss paint. These technical coatings are also chemically resistant and allows the home owner maintenance free easily cleaned ceilings.  That makes hot showers in these bathrooms maintenance free but also very…DISTINCTIVE.   BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER BEFORE... read more