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Kansas City Interior Painting

Interior painting work is time and labor intensive, and it can be a costly DIY project too. From preparing the wall surfaces, to taping off the ceiling and baseboards, protecting the flooring and furniture, to buying all of the materials and supplies, your time and money is better spent hiring Fred Occhipinto from Distinctive Quality Painting, Kansas City’s top rated interior painting contractor.


With more than 20 years of experience, Distinctive Quality Painting has the skills, experience and tools to deliver a professional and affordable interior painting job on time, and on budget. They will work with you to select the right type of paint and faux finishing technique that suits your home or commercial business property’s architectural and design style.


When you hire Distinctive Quality Painting you can leave the ladders and drop cloths to the professionals, and trust that you will be satisfied with the finished project. With a written contract and guarantee, there will be no unexpected surprises, and your interior painting project will look polished and professional, without breaking your back, or your budget.

Recent Projects

Historic Home Ceiling Restoration/Technical Coating, Liberty, MO

Water damage is never friendly when it ends up where it doesn’t belong.  On these ceilings it was a problem under the paint by way of a leaking roof as well as the steam from hot showers on the outside of the coating.  In both cases it wreaked havoc on the existing paint, causing peeling paint and drywall joint failure. For the repair, it is standard procedure to check for any mildew or fungus before proceeding with the repair.   In this case none was found so we scraped all loose finishes and drywall compounds and then applied new drywall compound to create an even flat surface.  The texture was then applied with a standard hopper and a uniform coating of latex primer. In order to prevent paint peal in the future from being in the damp environment, we used a two-part epoxy paint.  This type of coating creates a vapor barrier from daily hot showers and prevents moisture from entering into the ceiling.  Also, the higher gloss from the epoxy paint finish gave the ceilings a very nice period correct appearance of oil-based semi-gloss paint. These technical coatings are also chemically resistant and allows the home owner maintenance free easily cleaned ceilings.  That makes hot showers in these bathrooms maintenance free but also very…DISTINCTIVE.   BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER BEFORE... read more

Interior Commercial Painting, Kansas City, Kansas

The renovations of 17 year-old design has started in a dentist office in Kansas City, Kansas.   Smiles by design’s new owner decided his practice needed a new look. The first phase of this project was to seal the original wallpaper and then apply joint compound over the seams…then onto painting.   This is an industry specific process that eliminates the need for the laborious task of trying to strip the wallpaper off the wall and our typical process when homeowners hire us to remove wallpaper.  It saves a very messy and classically expensive step in the process of finishing wallpapered walls. Second and third phases will include but most likely not limited to, replacing and painting the doors and removing and re-finishing the floors. Before and after photos are shown below, please give us a call if you have wall paper that is no longer in style or design. (816) 935-3000.   BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER... read more

Interior Painting / Mission Hills, Kansas

This project in in Mission Hills was a decorators update to the latest trends in design and decorating. We started off in this traditional two-story painting the upstairs with clean, off-white colors.  This was a change from existing light tans and beiges to light colors.  This changes the overall look by providing a very sterile environment to decorate around. The offices and areas that are meant to entertain received darker, warmer colors that are more inviting and comfortable to lounge around in.  Also the more darker hues provide a different design element but still simple to decorate with. The project was completed by painting the cabinets a slightly different color with a high-gloss finish.  This seems to be a growing trend in interior design-gloss trim and cabinets that are almost a glowing picture frame around the walls and other surroundings.  Also a gloss cabinet also features a cleaner look as well as easy clean-up. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions about design ideas or need a quote on interior finishes in your house – (816) 935-3000.  ... read more

Commercial Painting, Parkville, MO

We are very excited to have the opportunity to paint such a community staple: Eagle Animal Hospital in Riverside, Missouri. This large-scale renovation was very demanding.  The hospital remained open while all renovations were underway and the project was completed in three different phases.   Many Saturdays and Sundays were spent making sure the demanding deadlines were met. The finishes within the building were also technical and slightly complicated.  Various epoxies finishes were used in wet areas like kennels and operating rooms providing the areas with maintenance free coatings.  Scaffolding was required to finish the 26 foot dual-color cedar lobby.  The exterior was a mixture of cementious siding and wood-based trim boards, requiring special primers prior to paint.  In addition, the exterior stain had to match the interior cedar all the while trying to compete with one of the wettest spring and summers on record. We definitely aim to please when we plan a project of this size.  Using the best product and making sure the beauty lasts as long as possible but most importantly to make sure our customers are DISTINCTIVE.      ... read more

Gladstone Cabinet Refinish

This set of cabinets were just 5 years old before they showed lots of where around the edges of the doors and the shelving.  This wear is typical in a bathroom that has a shower and is a result of water penetration from the steam of the daily shower(s). A very good solution to this problem is to re-apply or “re-shoot” the lacquer or varnish with a vinyl sealer and hardened lacquer, aka varnish. Today’s sealers and lacquers have come a long way in the way they perform in moist environments.  They also resist “yellowing” for long periods of time.  This characteristic makes the finish stay “clear” or transparent for decades. The result from this project is a longer life for the cabinets as well as the finish.  The finish is also hardened.  Making these cabinets vary durable to everyday use. Give us a call or email if your cabinet finish is losing its luster…(816) 935-3000.... read more

Leawood Interior Cabinet Glaze

  This project was fun!  An existing house with extensive renovations.  The kitchen is almost always a good start for making a house look and feel new. The existing cabinets where painted a solid dark crimson that went well decades ago.  The general contractor, Creative Restorations led by Tony Pagel, hired us to paint this custom cabinet glaze. As you can see in the before pictures, the cabinets needed better amenities as well as some better lighting.  A custom light bar at the top was crafted and installed as well as a more modern hood and granite counter tops. The cabinet changes required and mixture of new and old cabinetry.  In order to make everything uniform and fit, we had to use bonding primers and and a pigmented shellac to kill all colors as well as create and smooth uniform surface.  Once the primer was sanded smooth an oil-based semi-gloss enamel was applied using a spraying method.  This gives the homeowner a more durable and lasting finish that will have a brilliant natural patina as the cabinets age. The Antique glaze was then applied only in crevices and cornices in order to achieve that old world look. The project included many other painting including walls trim and ceilings and had a duration over a little over two weeks. Contact us if you have any questions regarding cabinet refinishing and/or glazing…(816)... read more

Independence, MO Commercial/Interior Painting

This project was unique because originally I had written it off as lost business.  After submitting a very competitive bid, I later found out that I was significantly underbid by a contractor.  The contractor tried to stay on budget by sub-contracting out the work to painters.  This is a practice that Distinctive Quality Painting never employees.  Our work is done by our experienced crew so I can make sure that time frames are hit and the quality is up to my standards.  Our original proposal called for the work to be done in two months.  Six months after losing the bid, we received a call from the owners asking us to take over the project.  Even though we had to fix a lot of work that was not up to our standards and work around cabinetry that had already been installed, we were able to complete the project in just six... read more

Liberty, MO Commercial/Interior Painting

Rock and Run Brewery in Liberty, MO took over two spaces that had previously been used for storage and an office.  One side featured untreated plaster over brick while the other side had been painted on top of the plaster.  While the owners loved the look of plaster over brick, they were less enthused about the plaster falling into their guests’ food and beer.  They had tried unsuccessfully to seal the walls before they called Distinctive Quality Painting.  I was able to use a commercial sealant to maintain the look they wanted and added a faux finish to the other side of the space to unify both sides of the room into a cohesive theme. Once finished with this project, they asked for his help on the brewery’s bar top and tables.  The wood used for this project was reclaimed from a bowling alley in Iowa.  While they had originally intended to use an epoxy to seal the wood, I noticed a potential problem.  Epoxy alone would not create the temperature and water vapor seal they needed to protect the wood for the life of the bar.  By using a conversion varnish I was able to provide them all of the benefits of varnish, but also give them the temperature resistance and vapor seal they needed.  The conversion varnish and labor ended up costing 1/3rd the price of the epoxy... read more

Liberty, MO – Commercial Painting

Edward Jones Investments Commercial Painting – Liberty, MO The Edward Jones Investments building on the Historic Square in Liberty, MO created a series of unique challenges.  The building was part of the original town square in Liberty and was well over 100 years old.  Maintaining the historic façade while extending its life required a very gentle stucco restoration effort.  This was made considerably more difficult by being located in a high-traffic commercial area which prevented the use of hydraulic lifts on the sidewalk or ladders that extended into the street.  The building had not seen a fresh coat of paint in over 30 years for this reason.  We were able to remove the awnings from the previous business and replace them with new hardware that should extend their life significantly.  Once the exterior was completed, we were asked to spruce up the interior as well.  As you can see from the pictures, we were able to complete this work while allowing the business to complete normal... read more