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This project in in Mission Hills was a decorators update to the latest trends in design and decorating.

We started off in this traditional two-story painting the upstairs with clean, off-white colors.  This was a change from existing light tans and beiges to light colors.  This changes the overall look by providing a very sterile environment to decorate around.

The offices and areas that are meant to entertain received darker, warmer colors that are more inviting and comfortable to lounge around in.  Also the more darker hues provide a different design element but still simple to decorate with.

The project was completed by painting the cabinets a slightly different color with a high-gloss finish.  This seems to be a growing trend in interior design-gloss trim and cabinets that are almost a glowing picture frame around the walls and other surroundings.  Also a gloss cabinet also features a cleaner look as well as easy clean-up.

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