Gladstone Cabinet Refinish - Kansas City Residential and Commercial Painting

This set of cabinets were just 5 years old before they showed lots of where around the edges of the doors and the shelving.  This wear is typical in a bathroom that has a shower and is a result of water penetration from the steam of the daily shower(s).

A very good solution to this problem is to re-apply or “re-shoot” the lacquer or varnish with a vinyl sealer and hardened lacquer, aka varnish.

Today’s sealers and lacquers have come a long way in the way they perform in moist environments.  They also resist “yellowing” for long periods of time.  This characteristic makes the finish stay “clear” or transparent for decades.

The result from this project is a longer life for the cabinets as well as the finish.  The finish is also hardened.  Making these cabinets vary durable to everyday use.

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