6 Benefits to Garage Floor Coating - Kansas City Residential and Commercial Painting

Your garage could use an update, couldn’t it? Have you considered adding an epoxy coating to your garage floor? This coating is long lasting and can be painted on quickly by our professional team to improve looks, safety and durability for years.

Here are just a few of our top reasons why we recommend adding an epoxy coating to your garage floor: 

1. Epoxy Protects Against Lifting and Peeling

Regular floor paint can peel and lift. Over time, these patches not only become an eyesore, but can also become dangerous. With epoxy, the hardened coating is bonded to the floor, meaning that it will stay down. When you hire quality painters, they will use commercial grade grinding to remove any old coatings and open up the floor. Then, the coating is applied and left to cure. This process gives ensures durability for years. And as an added bonus, should you decide to sell your home someday, your epoxy flooring can be quite attractive to potential buyers and could even improve the value of your home.

2. Garage Floor Coating Is Impact Resistant

If you’ve ever dropped your heavy tools on the floor, you know what kind of damage they can cause. A major benefit to epoxy coating is that it cures to a hard and thick finish making it resistant to impacts, as well as chemicals and surface abrasion. So, go ahead! Drag that tool box across the floor… it won’t leave any marks. The point is, even if you are tough on your floor, that’s okay! With epoxy coating from DQ Painting, you can expect years of great garage looks and hard wear.

3. Garage Floor Coating Improves the Overall Look of Your Garage

There’s a reason why showrooms use epoxy coating on their floors… it looks really good! Choose from a variety of colors and textures, you can even pick decorative chip finishes with the look of granite, slat or another surface.

Have you been daydreaming about turning your garage into a man cave? Do you need a home gym where you can throw some weights around with disturbing the family or potentially damaging the flooring? A fresh epoxy floor is perfect for your garage makeover.

4. Epoxy Coating Covers Cracks and Flaws in the Concrete

Cracks and flaws in your floor can happen, but how do you fix them?  Simply filling the cracks can cause even worse cracking to form over time. Painting the cracks might seem to fill the area in, but it will never truly seal it and permanently fix the crack.

An epoxy coating is thick and solid enough to completely fill garage floor cracks and eliminate them. Our skilled technicians can properly prep your floor before applying coating so that all cracks and flaws are handled. We use a polymer filler to fill cracks and pits while any bumps will be smoothed with a diamond tooling device. DQ Painting can handle chipped areas and other flaws to create a smooth and durable surface. Once the flooring is completely installed and set, it will look like they were never there.

5. Epoxy Flooring is Easy to Clean

The garage is the room in the house that seems to take the most abuse. Dirt, grime, and grease from car tires gets tracked in and snow or mud is dragged in on your feet.

With bare cement and other coatings, you can wind up dealing with a real mess. In some cases, stains set in permanently no matter how quickly you get it all cleaned up.

Epoxy floors are different. They are stain proof and oil, grime and other materials lift up quickly and easily. Epoxy floors are resistant to moisture, dust, dirt and grime. Unlike bare cement, wetness and spills do not penetrate causing stains.

6. It Improves the Safety of Your Garage

Slip and fall accidents in the home are a major cause of injuries. They’re the most common source of injuries in the home and second only to car accidents for individual deaths. When your garage floor gets wet from snow, rain or spills, many coatings can leave the area slippery and dangerous. It’s easy to go skidding across the floor, especially when you are carrying groceries into the house or engaged in another task. Kids tend to run when heading in and out, making it more likely that they will slip on a wet surface.

DQ Painting offers a non-slip finish that protects from slips and falls. These additives can be used in your floor to ensure that it resists slips, even when water makes its way into your garage.

Is it time to give your garage a fresh new look and more functionality? Epoxy coating can update the room and give it new aesthetic appeal. Our skilled technicians bring years of training to the job. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your garage makeover.

When you’re ready to get started on coating the garage of your Kansas City home, call Distinctive Quality Painting.  We’ll work with you on an appropriate schedule to get your garage painted quickly.

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