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Distinctive Quality Painting employs the best Kansas City home painters.   We focus solely on interior and exterior painting to meet your commercial or residential painting needs. While other companies offer siding, remodeling, and other home improvement services, we focus exclusively on painting your home or business. Our professional employees are painting specialists. That is all they do and why we feel we are the best Kansas City residential and commercial painters.

When our painters enter your home or business, they treat it as more than a work site. They respect your home and understand the pride you take in it. They will leave your house each day in better condition than they found it. Our employees understand that even though we are working, your house is still your home and should be treated as such.

Each of our projects begins with a free consultation. We take pride in our ability to help our customers understand each of the steps in the painting process. We will take the time to answer all your questions to allow you to feel confident about the work we will be doing. Our reputation has been built on producing accurate estimates. The work is completed on time and on budget with no hidden charges or delays.

Begin the process of improving the appearance and value of your home by contacting us for a free consultation.  We will visit your home and create a proposal based on the work needed.  There is no obligation and no pressure.  We do business the way we like others to do business with us.  Our bids are done by painters, not sales people.  This is just another reason why we are the Kansas City home painters recommended by so many of our previous clients.


Kansas City Residential Painting

Distinctive Quality Painting is Kansas City’s top residential painting contractor. Fred Occhipinto has more than 20 years hands-on experience as a residential painter and contractor. He has carefully selected his crew and personally trained them to provide a custom, professional painting job with an unparalleled level of personalized service and a quality that exceeds his customers’ expectations.

Residential Painting

Kansas City Commercial Painting

Your business or commercial property is central to your livelihood, and any investment in it, whether repainting the exterior or interior, is a big commitment. Distinctive Quality Painting is Kansas City’s premier commercial painting contractor with more than 20 years hands-on experience. Fred Occhipinto has carefully selected his crew and trained them to provide an unparalleled level of personalized service and a quality that exceeds your commercial property painting expectations.

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Kansas City Interior Painting

Interior painting work is time and labor intensive, and it can be a costly DIY project too. From preparing the wall surfaces, to taping off the ceiling and baseboards, protecting the flooring and furniture, to buying all of the materials and supplies, your time and money is better spent hiring Fred Occhipinto from Distinctive Quality Painting, Kansas City’s top rated interior painting contractor.

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Painting Tips From The Kansas City Painting Professionals

Resealing vs Replacing Masonite Siding

Hardboard siding, sometimes known as Masonite siding, is a particular type of hardboard exterior siding composed of compressed wood fibers, waxes, resins, and wood chips. If properly manufactured, installed and maintained, hardboard siding is an attractive and cost effective construction material that can be used to shield your home from damage caused by the natural elements. However, if it is not manufactured properly, hardboard siding can unduly deteriorate, exposing your home to serious damage. If your home was constructed or new exterior siding was installed during the 1980s or early 1990s, you may have Masonite Siding. Before the 80s, Masonite Siding was considered the industry standard in top quality building and exterior siding material. During the 80s to mid 90s, though, changes in the manufacturing process led to a severe decline in the quality of their product, and its effectiveness and longevity was greatly diminished, leading to a class action lawsuit as countless homeowners were faced with home exteriors that were buckling, rotting, softening, blistering, and/or swelling, leading to cracked exterior paint or stucco, a buildup of mildew or mold within the walls, bowed wall studs, and even indoor leaks. Even today, many homeowners are just now discovering the costly impact of the improperly manufactured Masonite Siding of the 80s and 90s on their homes. Because the moisture enters the hardboard siding material from the backside, it is said to rot from the inside out, and by the time the damage is discovered, it is sometimes past the point of repair. A reputable professional residential painting contractor can help you decide if your Masonite siding can be salvaged, or... read more

Professional Faux Finishes vs DIY

If you Google the phrase “professional faux finish techniques” there are over 574,000 results. That’s more than a half million pages of articles, blogs, and videos all providing you with information about professional faux finishes. But, does reading those articles or watching those videos make you a professional? If you invest a weekend reading and watching, will your hard work result in a professional faux finish application in your home? The answer, more than a half million times over, is no. Professional faux finishes, and the techniques employed to properly apply them, are as varied as the information available about them on the Internet. But the fact is, the only way to produce professional quality results is through using an experienced professional. That’s why hiring a residential painting contractor to help you select the type of interior faux finish that is best suited for your home and your lifestyle is critical. They not only know of a half million ways to achieve a professional faux finish, they know which one is right for you. Whether you are interested in leaves, crackles, stones, sweeps, plasters or color washes, each style has a multitude of faux finish options. From the color, gradient, and intensity or subtly of the finish to the professional faux finishes durability and cost, a professional painting contractor has the knowledge and the tools to successfully transform your vision into a masterpiece in your... read more

Why you should hire a professional Kansas City Painter

The Top Three Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Painting Contractor 1. Professional Painters Save You Time You’re busy. You work, manage a hectic family or social calendar, and you have endless daily chores and responsibilities to tend to. When you embark on a DIY project to repaint your home, you may start off with a free weekend and lofty goals, only to discover that “life gets in the way,” and your weekend project drags on for days. In between researching the latest residential painting products and techniques, watching YouTube videos, having heated discussions with your spouse, shopping for the materials and supplies, setting up, painting, and then cleaning up, you’ve invested countless hours that may have been better spent with your family, only to achieve subpar results. When you hire a professional painting contractor, you will enjoy the freedom of leaving the hard work to someone else. Aside from an initial consultation to establish the scope of the work and select finishing techniques and colors that suit your home and style, you can go on about your business and leave the painting to the theirs – painting. Professional painting contractors have years of experience and knowledge that yield a truly “professional” result. Professionals will identify and complete any necessary repairs prior to painting to ensure that the job is done right the first time.   2. Professional Painters Save You Money The materials and tools necessary to repaint the interior or exterior of your home far exceed the cost of a few gallons of paint and some brushes. There may be repair or preparation work required, some of... read more

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Our Recent Projects

Historic Home Ceiling Restoration/Technical Coating, Liberty, MO

Water damage is never friendly when it ends up where it doesn’t belong.  On these ceilings it was a problem under the paint by way of a leaking roof as well as the steam from hot showers on the outside of the coating.  In both cases it wreaked havoc on the existing paint, causing peeling paint and drywall joint failure. For the repair, it is standard procedure to check for any mildew or fungus before proceeding with the repair.   In this case none was found so we scraped all loose finishes and drywall compounds and then applied new drywall compound to create an even flat surface.  The texture was then applied with a standard hopper and a uniform coating of latex primer. In order to prevent paint peal in the future from being in the damp environment, we used a two-part epoxy paint.  This type of coating creates a vapor barrier from daily hot showers and prevents moisture from entering into the ceiling.  Also, the higher gloss from the epoxy paint finish gave the ceilings a very nice period correct appearance of oil-based semi-gloss paint. These technical coatings are also chemically resistant and allows the home owner maintenance free easily cleaned ceilings.  That makes hot showers in these bathrooms maintenance free but also very…DISTINCTIVE.   BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER BEFORE... read more

Interior Commercial Painting, Kansas City, Kansas

The renovations of 17 year-old design has started in a dentist office in Kansas City, Kansas.   Smiles by design’s new owner decided his practice needed a new look. The first phase of this project was to seal the original wallpaper and then apply joint compound over the seams…then onto painting.   This is an industry specific process that eliminates the need for the laborious task of trying to strip the wallpaper off the wall and our typical process when homeowners hire us to remove wallpaper.  It saves a very messy and classically expensive step in the process of finishing wallpapered walls. Second and third phases will include but most likely not limited to, replacing and painting the doors and removing and re-finishing the floors. Before and after photos are shown below, please give us a call if you have wall paper that is no longer in style or design. (816) 935-3000.   BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER... read more

Interior Painting / Mission Hills, Kansas

This project in in Mission Hills was a decorators update to the latest trends in design and decorating. We started off in this traditional two-story painting the upstairs with clean, off-white colors.  This was a change from existing light tans and beiges to light colors.  This changes the overall look by providing a very sterile environment to decorate around. The offices and areas that are meant to entertain received darker, warmer colors that are more inviting and comfortable to lounge around in.  Also the more darker hues provide a different design element but still simple to decorate with. The project was completed by painting the cabinets a slightly different color with a high-gloss finish.  This seems to be a growing trend in interior design-gloss trim and cabinets that are almost a glowing picture frame around the walls and other surroundings.  Also a gloss cabinet also features a cleaner look as well as easy clean-up. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions about design ideas or need a quote on interior finishes in your house – (816) 935-3000.  ... read more

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